The Longest History in the World: Imperial House of Japan

There are many countries in the world that have an imperial family, such as England, Spain, Holland, and Belgium. Japan’s Imperial Family began in 660 B.C. and has lasted for over 2600 years. This number is said to be the longest in the world among the royal families that continue today.


The Emperor is not a King

Currently, the only person in the world who is called “Emperor” is the Emperor of Japan. There are 26 royal families in the world, and the monarch of a country, like the Emperor, is usually called a “King.
The historical background of China’s relationship with Japan is hidden in the reason why it is now called “Emperor. Since “emperor” was used in China, Japan had no choice but to use the term “emperor” in order to deal with China equally. Even though theemperors in China and Russia have faded away from the world, there is still the Emperor in Japan today.

The Emperor is the “symbol” of Japan.

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