Interesting Vending Machines in Japan

Vending machines have become more and more popular as our lives become more and more busy. The convenience of vending machines is something that we all need in our day to day lives. We want to talk about the most interesting vending machines in Japan, that you may not be used to seeing on a regular basis.

The first vending machine on our list is the Polka Dot Coca Cola vending machine. Western sodas are not as popular in Japan, so there needs to be more attractive marketing in order to get consumers to purchase these products.

The next interesting vending machine is the Pikachu vending machine. This vending machine contains a variety of drinks and snacks but is decorated in Pokémon in order to attract consumers.

The next vending machine are ice cream vending machines. In the U.S. we may not be used to the idea of having an ice cream vending machines, but in Japan this is a common commodity. Having a nice cool snack on the go makes the perfect snack break.

Next on our list are toy vending machines! These machines dispense capsules with manga figurines. These machines are perfect for children who need a little pick me up on a day out shopping with their parents.

The last interesting vending machine on our list, may be the most interesting. It is a vending machine for puppies. They are real puppies! You are able to see the puppies through the glass, and then purchase the puppy of your choosing! There are many different options for vending machines in Japan, and something for everyone!

By: Anne Pinkerton

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