Top 10:A tourist spot where you can feel the romance of the Meiji era Part.3


Red Brick Warehouse

One of Yokohama’s famous tourist attractions is the Red Brick Warehouse. Building No. 2 was built in 1911 and Building No. 1 in 1913 as a national bonded warehouse. The later No. 1 building was Japan’s first modern warehouse equipped with freight elevators and sprinklers. After the war, it was used as a port base for the U.S. military, but after the end of the confiscation, it was used as an active warehouse until 1989.

Although it is now a tourist attraction with fashionable cafes and general stores, the building itself retains the shape it had when it was first built. Please pay attention not only to the shops inside, but also to the exterior of the “red brick warehouse” that supported the development of modern Japan.

★Places to Visit in Yokohama

Former Yokohama Dock No. 1

The Sailing Ship Nippon Maru, a National Important Cultural Property, and the Yokohama Port Museum, a museum dedicated to the port of Yokohama, are located here. Of particular note is the “Former Yokohama Dock No. 1,” where the “Sailing Ship Nippon Maru” is on display.

Built in 1898 by the Yokohama Dockyard (later Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) as a dock for repairing ships, the dock repaired several thousand ships over an 83-year period until 1982. As an important civil engineering structure in the history of Yokohama Port, it was designated as a National Important Cultural Property in 2000.

Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of History

The Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of History is located about a one-minute walk from Bashamichi Station. The former part of the museum was built in 1904 as the head office of the Yokohama Seikin Bank, and is designated as a National Important Cultural Property.

It was designed by Yorinaka Tsumaki, a giant in the field of Meiji architecture. The building, with three stories above ground and one below, is a brick structure with stone exterior walls. The huge dome on the front of the building is a distinctive feature, constituting a dignified appearance in the neo-baroque style.

Yokohama Chinatown

Yokohama Chinatown, one of the tourist attractions in Yokohama, is actually a historical spot as well.

At the foot of the east gate “Chaoyangmon,” a photograph of Yokohama Chinatown in 1880 (Meiji 13) is on display. Although the buildings are different from those of today, you can see that the shape of the street is the same as that of today’s Chinatown Boulevard and Kaiko-Dori. At that time, there were 2,505 Chinese living in the Yokohama Foreign Settlement, accounting for about 64% of the total foreign population.

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