5 Maritozzo Recommendations for Fresh Cream Lovers

Maritozzo, a sweet born in Italy, is now very popular in Japan. The round bread filled with cream has a cute and impressive appearance.There are a lot of stores that have come out with cute and stylish new maritozzo, so here are five of the most popular ones!



Princi®, an Italian bakery by Starbucks, also has Maritozzo. The light and fluffy whipped cream goes well with Starbucks coffee. Limited time flavors are released depending on the season, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors from time to time.

Nanusuka Panusuka

The Marituzzo from Nansuka Pansuka, a popular bakery in Ura-Harajuku, has a wonderful appearance. The flavor lineup changes depending on the season, including lemon and pistachio. All of them have a thin brioche dough filled with cream.

Sakimoto Bakery

This store is a bakery, so their special brioche dough is popular for its moist and delicious taste. They also sell fruit sandwiches, so go ahead and try those too!

Daimyo Soft Cream

Maritozzo’s three types of cream include airy whip with cheese, homemade milk cream, and custard cream. The chewy bread is made in collaboration with a popular restaurant in Fukuoka.

Cafe “GGCo”

There are two autumn flavors with fresh cream sandwiches. The “Autumn Marituzzo Fig & Caramel Orange” is made with rum-scented fig jam and caramel-flavored fresh cream, and garnished with figs and orange peel.The “Autumn Marituzzo – Grape & Muscat” is made with brioche and fresh cream mixed with grape juice and decorated with large grape and muscat. They look so pretty!

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