the Healing Power of Nature into Your Daily Life

Bring the Healing Power of Nature into Your Daily Life
The Japanese practice of “forest bathing” is quietly gaining popularity as a health method that refresh the mind and body by spending time in the forest. This practice, which has been cherished in Japan for centuries, has scientifically proven benefits, particularly due to substances released by trees, such as “phytoncides”.

What are phytoncides?
Phytoncides are volatile substances released by trees such as the Japanese cypress (HINOKI) to protect themselves from insects and microbes. These compounds also provide numerous health benefits to humans. HINOKI phytoncides have shown remarkable effects. Health Benefits of HINOKI Phytoncides

★Stress Reduction:Absorbing phytoncides during forest bathing lowers cortisol levels and reduces stress. The soothing scent of HINOKI is especially helpful in relieving mental fatigue and tension.
★Immune System Boost: HINOKI phytoncides increase the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, which fight viruses and cancer cells, helping to prevent colds, flu, and possibly even cancer.
Improved sleep quality: The scent of Hinoki promotes relaxation and deeper sleep by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in better overall sleep quality.

Experience Forest Bathing in Japan
If you’re in Japan, the village of Hinohara, 90 minutes from Tokyo, is known for its HINOKI forests and as a prime location for forest bathing. One recommended place is the “Therapy Road Otaki no Michi” in the Tokyo Citizens’ Forest, which is accessible with sneakers. It takes about an hour by bus from JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Station. The trail ends at Mitoh Great Falls, the highest waterfall in Hinohara Village at a height of 35 meters.

Bringing Forest Bathing Home
To experience the benefits of forest bathing at home, HINOKI products from the specialty brand “shin rin yoku” are highly recommended. Particularly popular is the mist made from HINOKI essential oils, with fragrances tailored for morning and evening use. The oil extracted from the HINOKI trunk offers calming and invigorating effects, ideal for times when you need to relax and feel uplifted. Hinoki leaf oil helps balance the autonomic nervous system by calming the sympathetic nervous system and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and mental focus. The AM mist is perfect for morning wake-up, meditation, and pre-workout energy boost, while the PM mist is ideal for bedtime, evening meditation, and post-workout cool-down. Spray these mists into your room for an instant “forest bathing” effect.

Sustainable and Ethical HINOKI Brand
The HINOKI “shin rin yoku” brand is sustainable and ethical, using the entire tree without waste. They have developed a unique management system to ensure the quality of the wood and prevent overdevelopment in the region. They have also created the world’s first Forest Resource Traceability System, which you can access through a QR code on their products.

The mist made from HINOKI essential oils, with fragrances tailored for morning and evening use.

Forest Resource Traceability System:

Availability in the U.S.
These HINOKI products are currently available in stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles. HINOKI phytoncide products such as aroma oils, sprays and bath additives are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., helping many to experience their beneficial effects. Embrace the Japanese tradition of forest bathing with HINOKI phytoncides to enhance your daily life with the healing power of nature.

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