UNIQLO HEATTECH Products: Perfect for the Winter Season

Internationally popular clothing brand company, UNIQLO, was founded in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1949. Throughout the years, this company has grown and expanded their brand and products to a wide audience. Recently, one of these expansions has been to create clothing called HEATTECH, available for both men and women.

HEATTECH uses technology that has been tested over many years to perfection that keeps heat between the fibers within the fabric to prevent heat from escaping. This technology was created so wearing multiple layers is no longer necessary to stay warm during the harsh winter season. The technology used in HEATTECH is a blend of products that converts moisture from the body into kinetic energy and therefore heat. In other words, the clothing on you is absorbing your own body heat and putting it right back on you, and even picking up energy to become warmer. Many long-time consumers swear by this technology, and it seems that this year it is finally gaining the deserves!

What makes HEATTECH so great is that it is comfortable, light, and is made of a high-quality blend of polyester rayon, and acrylic. This fabric is not only soft but is stretchy and allows for body movement. This makes it perfect for outdoor sports as well. Additionally, using the same technology it uses to heat up, HEATTECH fights bacteria, prevents odor, and does not cause static electricity that can lead to annoying shocks. Here are some examples of HEATTECH apparel!

HEATTECH Ultra Warm-T-shirts (Long Sleeve)
This ultra-warm long-sleeve top is perfect for bearing harsh temperatures without having to put on heavy layers! Stylish and practice!

By Kayley Hill

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