Japanese Cat Cafe: The Most Relaxing Cafe

Are you a cat lover? What about a coffee drinker? Believe it or not, these two things can be combined! Originating from Taiwan, Cat Cafes have grown rapidly in popularity throughout Japan. This idea has been expanded overseas to other countries like the United States!


What’s Cat Cafes?

Also called Neko Cafes, these coffee shops allow you to play with adorable cats that roam the establishment freely. Most Cat Cafes can be found in cities throughout Japan, usually on the higher level of buildings which can make them a bit more difficult to find. For those who are able to find locations, these businesses can be great attractions for locals and tourists alike!

The Reason Why Cat Cafes Are So Popular

Throughout Japan there are over 150 cat cafes to visit! What keeps local visitors in the city coming by again and again is the fact that a lot of apartments in Japanese cities forbid owning pets. People often crave the love and affection of a furry friend, and when they can’t get that at home they visit Cat Cafes! Additionally, Cat Cafes may not have grown as popular throughout other countries as they have in Japan, drawing in curious or animal-loving tourists. Cat cafes are a great way to relieve stress, as cats can often be used as therapy animals or a great companion for when you’re feeling lonesome.

The Most Popular Cat Cafes in Japan

One of the most popular Cat Cafes in Japan is Cat Cafe Monta, located in Tokyo, Japan. The ratings for Cat Cafe Monta are amazing, as they are said to have a delicious menu with many options as well as a variety of breeds of cats hanging around! Despite all of the cats in the establishment, Cat Cafe Monta is said to remain tidy and clean, with dim relaxing lighting to add to the experience!

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