Japanese Energy Drinks

Sometimes we all need a little boost to get us through the day. Whether you’re an athlete, a hard worker at the office, or someone who just needs a pick-me-up, energy drinks are the perfect way to get caffeinated fast.

Energy drinks come in many different brands and flavors, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Especially in Japan, energy drinks have become increasingly popular in recent years as new brands come out with great tasting energy drinks. Here are popular brands of energy drinks in Japan and what they have to offer.

Lipovitan D11

Manufactured by Taisho Pharmaceutical,  Lipovitan D11 is an incredibly popular energy drink throughout Japan. Costing only $2.86 in USD and available in most drugstores and convenience stores. Lipovitan D11 is perfect for anyone on the go who needs a quick energy boost quickly. Lipovitan D11 comes in 100ml bottles containing 3 main ingredients. Lipovitan D11 is marketed to those who are active or looking for athletic improvement. This drink claims to improve your ability to concentrate, your body’s resistance, and your overall physical strength. Additionally, Lipovitan D11 is said to help anyone who is suffering from a hangover or finds themself feeling tired after a long day. With all these great effects promised, it’s important that only one bottle is recommended a day to remain healthy, and Lipovitan D11 should not be consumed by children.

Alinamin V

Alinamin V is a 50 mL energy drink manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, costing a mere $2.29 in USD. Alinamin V can also be found in almost any corner store or drugstore and is said to be the perfect cure to wake you up. Alinamin V is said to have a more bitter taste than most Japanese energy drinks, but still gets the job done. Alinamin V is made of hydrochloride. (vitamin B1 derivative), which helps the body produce carbohydrates and helps your muscles and nerve’s function. Alinamin V also contains Anhydrous caffeine, Sodium L-aspartate,Nicotinic acid amide, B6, and B3. Many of these ingredients are even linked to weight loss, as they are energy stimulants.

By Kayley Hill

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