The Quest to Capture the Mew Oreo

If you’re into pop culture you’ve probably heard about the Oreo x Pokemon collaboration that has been creating quite the buzz for collectors and fans of the popular video game.


The Mew Is Very Popular in the Pokémon Series

If you’re not familiar, Pokemon is a video game series invented by Japanese programmer Junichi Masuda. The original version of the game was called “Pocket Monsters Red and Green” and it was released in 1996. Since then, Pokémon has grown to be much more than a video game including comics, films, animated series, musicals, and extensive merchandise.

Given Pokemon’s popularity the idea of Oreo doing a collaboration with them doesn’t sound that crazy, but as with many collectibles within the Pokemon universe people are going nuts over them. There’s one Oreo design in particular that has everyone’s attention, it’s the Mew! The Mew is a rare character featured in the Pokemon series, and items made with this character on them are typically hard to come by, and the Oreo cookie with its likeness stamped into it is no different.

The Craze over the Mew

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