Unique and Beautiful Plants Native to Japan

Japanese gardens can be full of beautiful, unique plants. Japan has rich nature throughout its four seasons, as hot humid summers facilitate some plants while dry conditions and heavy snow lead to others. Some of these plants have also been brought to places like the United States where they continue to be centerpieces of gardens.



Lotus is a great plant to put in your water garden, adding a burst of color. There are varieties of lotus plants, such as dwarf varieties, color varieties, and soil needs. Lotus plants can be found in various places throughout the world, mostly spread through flooding seasons. Lotus plants take on a bigger meaning in Japan, symbolizing the attaining of enlightenment as the plant blooms out of dirty murky water into a beautiful flower.


Azaleas have been grown in Japan for centuries, coming in various shades of pink, red, and purple. Some hybrids of azalea have evolved into reblooming azaleas that come back every year on their own so you do not need to replant them. Japan has festivals for azaleas, as they are considered the epitome of spring.


Camellia plants, called yuki-tsubaki in Japanese, “yuki” meaning “snow.” This flower survives in the snowy legion, doing so by pressing down to the earth underneath the heavy snow. As the snow melts the plant brings itself out of the snow and shows its bright beautiful flowers. There are a lot of varieties in the colors of Camellia – from white, pink, and red.


Hydrangeas are very popular in Japan as decorative flowers, as well as in the United States. Hydrangea can range in color from pink to purple to blue. Hydrangeas grow best in areas where there is a lot of rain and mild temperatures. Hydrangeas prefer the morning sun, and grow back every year as long as they survive the cold of winter.

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