Japanese premium juices that you should try in 2023!

Though juice is enjoyed around the world, there are some special juices you can find in Japan. As you know, Japan has very little arable land. Japanese orchards must grow premium products that fetch a high price on the market. As a result, most of the fruits grown in Japan is high quality. It’s common for each prefecture to grow its own unique varieties of fruit and special fruits juice that you only can find it in Japan.


36°Yuzu juice (MIYA YUZU) grown in the Tochigi prefecture

Yuzu, a citrus fruit, is originally suited to warm climates, but the “Miya Yuzu” grown in the cool climate of Utsunomiya, Tochigi, located at 36° north latitude, is said to have a thick flesh and strong aroma. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit with a pungently bitter taste. Yuzu has the rough exterior of a lemon and the bracing tart juice of an orange.

Since 1964, when the predecessor planted 100 yuzu seedlings in Utsunomiya in northern Kanto, which is located at 36 degrees north latitude, Tokoi Yuzu Garden has grown 250 yuzu trees. Known locally as “Miya yuzu,” the yuzu has a reputation for its thick pulp and strong aroma and is a favorite of many chefs.  36°Yuzu juice (Yuzu juice) is an additive-free 100% fruit juice made by squeezing the whole fruit. “Citrus Junos”, a leading Japanese citrus fruit, is now an indispensable ingredient and seasoning for the world’s top chefs. This product is an easy way to enjoy the taste of yuzu at any time.

Western pears, “Le Lectier” grown in the Niigata Prefecture

Yamayo Orchard runs an orchard for generations in Minami-ku, Niigata City, which emphasize on reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide cultivation with the aim of cultivating safe, secure, and delicious fruits. In addition, they have been certified as an eco-farmer early in Niigata Prefecture. The “Le Lectier” is the one of the most difficult varieties of pear to cultivate, also known as “phantom pear.” It is made with 100% fruits juice from ripe Lectiers and allows you to original taste. It is carefully squeezed without adding any sugar or other sweeteners and using plenty of the finest “Le Lectier”.

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