3 Temples in Japan You Must Visit

Throughout Japan, there are thousands of temples, some of them hundreds to thousands of years old. These are Buddhist temples, and they can be found both in Japanese cities and the countryside. Some of these temples are used as monasteries, where Buddhist monks take residence. These temples can be made up of many different structures and rooms for displaying sacred objects. Here are some Japanese temples that are remarkable and worth the visit.


Senso-ji Temple (Tokyo)

The Senso-ji Temple found in the Tokyo Prefecture is just a five minute walk from the Asakusa Station, and is a stunning sight to see. Senso-ji Temple was built in honor of the goddess Kannon. Legend has it that two brothers had tried time and time again to return the statue of Kannon back to the Sumida River, but each time they attempted this the statue was returned to a specific location each time. The Senso-ji Temple is placed on the spot that the legend says the statue of Kannon was mysteriously and repetitively returned to. At night, the temple lights up the area beautifully, making this a site definitely worth visiting.

Sanjūsangen-dō Temple (Kyoto)

This magnificent temple sits in Kyoto Prefecture just a 20 minute walk away from the Kyoto Station. The Sanjūsangen-dō Temple is considered a national treasure of Japan, as it features the Thousand Armed Kannon. These statues are arranged in 10 rows and 50 columns, and consist of over 1000 gold leaf statues. These statues are life-sized, most of them dating back to the Heian and Kamakura periods.

Kotoku-In Temple (Kanagawa)

This temple located in the city of Kamakura in the Kanagawa Prefecture is known for its magnificent statue of the Great Buddha of Kamakura, Amitābha. This statue is made of bronze and is also considered a Nation Treasure in Japan. This Buddha is giant and hollow, and visitors can look inside of the Buddha statue.

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