Unique Japanese Seasoning that will change the way of cooking

There are unique and tasty seasonings you can only find in Japan, and perhaps you need to Google if you like to cook using them. Moromi no Shizuku Seasoning salt is a freeze dried soy sauce powder made by real soy sauce. Bakasco is using plenty of yuzu juice and persimmon vinegar, it is finished in a mild and refreshing pepper sauce.

And last one, KARASUZANSHO HONEY is a very special honey produced from species of flowers native to Japan and not found elsewhere. Those unique seasoning brings you to new adventure. Let ‘s explore.


Naogen soysauce – Moromi no Shizuku seasoning salt

Aromatic and full-flavored, this freeze-dried soy sauce is fragrant and tasteful. This aromatic soy sauce spice is made by crystallizing “Whole Soybean Soy Sauce Moromi no Shizuku” soy sauce, which is brewed in the traditional artisanal way, using a unique method. As this soy sauce is not a liquid, it is easy to carry around and goes well with a variety of ingredients just like a spice. Being low in chloride (1/3 of table salt), it is also healthy and creates a beautiful finish to any dish. It will absorb moisture over time and gradually blend with ingredients. Delicious on steak (to enjoy the true flavor of the meat), grilled fish, stir-fried vegetables, fried eggs, salads (also goes great with olive oil), rice balls, sandwiches, and sushi rolls (no dripping), and even over ice cream. $9.00/20g

Bando foods – BAKASCO

Carefully cultivated raw materials with Bando Foods and Kawazoe fruits, and all processes of manufacturing, design, and promotion are carried out in Tokushima Prefecture, making it a new pepper sauce that combines the charm of Tokushima into one. In addition to the sourness of persimmon vinegar with edges wrapped in a soft yuzu aroma, the punchy pungency that comes later brings a new taste experience that you will be addicted. Bakasco, which is not Tabasco, is named after “BA” from Bando and “KA” from Kawazoe, and its catchy name has been well received by overseas buyers.  Just one or two drops sprinkled on pasta, pizza, fried food make it refreshing. It is also delicious drizzled over soup noodles such as ramen and udon and is also a good sauce for sashimi and Japanese food. $9.00/60ml 


This honey is one of the rarest in the world, locking in the fresh aroma of the Karasu-sansho. The honey is produced from species of flowers in Waka poetry and literature since ancient times. Karasu-zansho is a citrus tree native to East Asia that produces beautiful pearly flowers. It grows only in limited latitudes and conditions and is rarely found growing in the wild outside of Japan. Its impactful flavor, which evokes the vitality of summer, has a luxurious feel and is popular among honey lovers. We hope you will enjoy its fresh aroma and clean taste. Suitable for deep-roasted coffee, café au lait, vanilla ice cream, lemonade and banana baked goods, dressings, cocktails, and meat dishes. The citrus aroma goes well with lemon too. $17.00/100g

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