Wendy’s First Kitchen in Japan

In recent years, Wendy’s has expanded its chain to Asia, opening restaurants in Japan. In Japan, the chain’s restaurants have changed to “Wendy’s First Kitchen” rather than the shorter “Wendy’s” name we are used to in the United States. This is because the Wendy’s company combined with the Japanese company, First Kitchen, in the making of this restaurant. Wendy’s restaurants were throughout Japan until 2009 when they were closed down. In 2015, the partnership between Wendy’s and First Kitchen occurred, thus creating the Wendy’s First Kitchen you can visit in Japan today.

The name isn’t the only thing that provides a shaking change. Wendy’s First Kitchen in Japan has a menu Americans should be envious of – featuring far beyond the typical burger, fries, and chicken nuggets we see on the menu in the United States. Wendy’s FIrst Kitchen includes both American and Japanese fast food – resulting in a diverse menu. Here are some items on the Wendy’s First Kitchen menu in Japan, only found in Japan.

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