Explanation of the World’s Popular Japanese Anime


The Definition of Anime

Most people have heard of anime before, but do they know how to define it? In Japan and across the globe, anime is considered one of the biggest cultural exports. All anime are cartoons, but not all cartoons are animes – anime is a style of cartoon and art. This unique style is inspired by manga, and in many ways is just an animated version of the manga style. In the west, anime is always associated with Japanese animation, while in Japan anime can be animation that is made in Japan or anywhere else. What sets anime apart is the dramatism of the characters’ expressions, motions, and overall appearance.

People of All Ages Can Enjoy Anime

Characters in anime are given complex backstories and exciting storylines combined with this exaggerated appearance and visually engaging elements. Anime is not just for kids, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Many western parents are not familiar with anime, and therefore assume that all anime must be for children. This is definitely not the case, as there are many anime shows with adult content that are not suited for children.

The Reason Why Anime Became Popular

So how did anime grow to be so popular? You might have noticed that in the United States anime has been consistently growing in popularity over the years, and if you have been to Japan you KNOW Japan’s anime’s relevance. In Japan, anime brings in around $20 billion in revenue a year. Anime has grown in popularity globally as it caters to a wide audience through its large variety of genres. Even though anime is considered a genre itself, there is so much anime out there that almost anyone can find something related to their interests. Dubbed anime allows for a wider audience to enjoy shows made in countries where their language is not dominant. This works better for younger audiences or for those who do not like to follow along with subtitles. Anime will continue to grow globally due to its intriguing style and versatility.

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