Introduction to Miso and How to Use It

Miso soup and other miso products are a favorite in Japan with many health benefits. Miso has been used for a long time in Japan, and the traditional making of miso is considered an art form. Over time miso has popularized in other regions of the globe, and there’s no surprise as miso has a one of a kind flavor.


What’s Miso?

Miso is a fermented paste made from a mixture of soybeans and salt with a koji mold that has been cultivated from soybeans, rice, or barley. The enzymes of the koji break down the beans into amino acids, smile sugars, and fatty acids that allow for miso’s taste and texture. There are variations as to how to make miso, such as the use of buckwheat, millet, ryw, hemp seed, wheat, chickpeas, quinoa, etc. This of course is up to the chef’s taste. The fermentation process can take from five days to years. Depending on the region and season, miso can be made differently. There is Akamiso which is red miso, shiromiso which is white miso, and awasemiso which means mixed miso.

How Can Miso Be Used?

Miso can be used in a variety of ways to make special dishes! You can use miso to make spicy miso chicken katsu ramen if you’re seeking a warm comforting meal with a kick! Miso is what really makes this dish as tasty and authentic as it is!

Miso glazed salmon

Miso glazed salmon is a healthy dish that can be enjoyed by all! Fish is a staple in Japan, so the combination of miso and fish is a perfect representation of the food culture.


Using soy miso, you can make misozuke. Misozuke is a type of pickle that taste sweeter and are less salty than your typical pickle.

Miso soup

Miso soup is the most popular use of miso in a dish, and is beloved by so many. This soup can include vegetables, and is a healthy comfort food!

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